ICAM at the EDGE™

  • Program Introduction Heading: Establishing a Foundation for Zero Trust
  • Program Introduction:

    Recently, the U.S. Government has been strengthening its approach to cybersecurity and it has identified the need for U.S. Federal and Department of Defense Agencies to strengthen their cybersecurity frameworks with strong Zero Trust principles. The key foundation of Zero Trust is the validation of identity for users, systems, applications, and services. The implementation of a comprehensive Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) is critical to this pursuit.

  • Program Secondary Heading: A proven ICAM Solution with Gradual Onboarding
  • Program Secondary Description:

    Zigabyte has teamed with industry leading partners to develop an ICAM solution that has been effectively deployed within U.S. Federal and Department of Defense agencies. Zigabyte recognizes these challenges and collaborates with select partners to leverage their experience, insight, and technological advantages to develop a predefined ICAM platform that can help you quickly achieve accreditation milestones for your Authority to Operate in the U.S. Federal and DoD networks. This ICAM platform is currently undergoing deployment in high security environments and to achieve U.S. Federal government security program accreditation.

  • Program Highlights:
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      Reduced deployment time, costs and resources.

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      Bundled services, including on-site deployment and accreditation assistance.

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  • Teaser Summary Text: ICAM at the EDGE™ provides a strong Zero Trust platform enabling accreditation for Authority to operate within U.S. Federal Government & Defense networks.
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    • External Link (domain URL): https://www.icamattheedge.com
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