Our firm helps to reduce your day-to-day operational cybersecurity costs through identity governance, access management, directory integration, and privilege account management. We will empower you to achieve easier accountability and greater transparency while placing the business in control.

Identity and Access Management

  • Zigabyte provides the automation of lifecycle management of accounts, utilizing an integrated suite that manages Governance, Access Control, and Privilege Management.
  • We make sure your company’s IT Security Policy is adhered to and enforced.
  • Our suite helps to reduce operating costs by reducing maintenance overhead and the through the provisioning process.
  • We will help you reduce your day-to-day operational costs through Identity Governance, Access Management and Privilege Account Management, so you can focus on major projects.
  • We deliver workflows and attestations based on your policy and business needs.
  • We also provide self-service for users. Thus reducing the number of tickets to the helpdesk for minor tasks (e.g. Password Resets and User Information Change).
  • Our solutions empower you to achieve easier accountability and greater transparency while placing the business in control of those things that matter most.
  • We make sure everyone in an organization has the tools and access necessary to do their jobs in a timely and secure fashion from day one.

Privilege Account and Session Management

  • Zigabyte provides a way for IT managers and administrators to control access to accounts with administrative privileges within the IT infrastructure of an organization.
  • We provide a way for you to delegate administrative access, audit administrative access and activities, and establish elevated access on existing roles and policy.
  • We help you eliminate passwords in a spreadsheet (keys to the kingdom).
  • You can take a proactive stance when it comes to compliance.
  • Implement the appropriate privilege access management approach for your environment, requirements and objectives.
  • We help you ensure that the passwords on your service accounts are changed in accordance with policy.
  • Our solution provides accountability for shared administrative passwords.
  • Adds simple approvals for control and auditing of privilege account password.
  • Solves the challenge of monitoring and recording the actions performed by privileged users.
  • Provides a simple solution for controlling remote vendor access to privilege accounts.

Linux / Unix Active Directory Integration

  • Our Authentication Service allows you to extend the authentication, authorization and administration infrastructure of Active Directory to the rest of your enterprise.
  • Our tool enables Unix, Mac OS X and Linux systems to operate as full citizens within Active Directory. This delivers a single sign-on for all systems.
  • Enhances security by extending the security of Active Directory and providing a point for central management of all systems.
  • Allows you to alert on, audit, and show an in-depth change history of Unix-centric information being managed by Active Directory.
  • Extend policy-based management (through Windows Group Policy) to non-Windows systems, including Group Policy for Mac OS X.
  • Administrators can control which Active Directories are permitted to authenticate to which non-Windows systems.
  • Streamline the process of joining Unix/Mac OS X/Linux Systems and users to your Active Directory domain.
You will be able to focus on your major projects because we will take care of your security concerns.

Services & Consulting

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